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I KNOW LA! (0)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 by , under

Yeah! I know and im sorry peeps.. :p

I know its such been a while. Hari yang ke 12 tahun 2011, baru aku ada masa untuk duduk dan menghadap lappy for the updates. Tahun baru yang sangat co0l, tak dimulakan dengan berapa baik but it goes prety well after a few days, move 2 new place, bz set up my new room, make my self comfort here is such a new thing but im fine.

Ke AJL 25, ke sana, ke sini, deals here and there. Awh its such a busy week since last week. To fellows yang keep waiting for the updates; the novel project; the official website, please do sebab aku sedang dalam proses discussion with one and two person, whice as I said somethings huge will I bring 2 u guys this February and March. So please! KEEP WAITING! ahak.

Tahun baru, may you guys have a' bless day ahead keh...

*hugs... :)

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